Share your positive experiences and unique solutions to art donations. Feel free to post any issues as well, but please do not use the charity’s name in these instances.

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  1. annran says:

    I just want to share an answer to a question/comment that came through our document request form. The artist wrote: “When is enough enough? I have one or two charitable organizations I’m happy to donate to, but now that I’m becoming better known, it seems everyone thinks it’s OK to ask me for free work. Although it’s flattering to be asked, I wonder when to say “no”. It’s something I’m thinking about more often now.”

    And my reply: “Regarding your question of “when is enough enough?”, that’s something we each have to decide, but you’ll get to a place where you can say “no” gracefully, if not always easily. One of the purposes of Appeals is to provide guidelines in working with those who come to you with requests. It becomes easier to say “no” when you find yourself in situations where there’s no “give” or support, only “take”. And if an organization approaches you with a request, you can simply ask them to refer to Appeals. If it’s an organization you want to work with, you can use the content to help guide them in ways that they can support you in exchange for your donation.”

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