Guidelines for Artists

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Working with Charitable Organizations

1) Initial Contact

a) Take the time to reply to donation requests.

b) Consider initiating your own collaboration with a favorite charity.

2) Do your homework, donate prudently and choose wisely.

a) Do you want to be affiliated with this organization?

b) Do you understand the organization and how their mission encourages you to support them?

3) Help Them Help You

a) Be professional! Collaborate and team with those you trust.

c) Have an artist’s bio available.

c) Request a donation receipt.

4) Decisions to Make

a) What will you donate? Make your selection according to the venue.

b) Will you donate framed or unframed work?

c) What happens to unsold items?

d) Consider any restrictions on gift certificates.

e) How many charities will you support in a given year?

5) Do it Yourself:  team with an organization,  set up your own event or sell your own art to benefit them.

a) Is it an entire art show, a show of just your work or items you sell in a gallery or on-line?

b) Choose your charity carefully.

c) Respect the organization!

d) Pros

e) Cons

6) Opportunities and Consequences


1) Find out the details; are you comfortable with their plan?  If not, don’t donate.

a) How do you determine the starting bid?

b) What is the return policy for unsold items?

c) Do you get a portion of the sale?

Additional Opportunities

1) Consider making a donation from your own direct art sales to a favorite charity.

a) Will you let the buyer make the donation directly?

2) Can you convert a donation pick up to a sale?

a) Invite the charity’s representative to your studio to pick up your donation.

b) Invite the buyer to your studio to pick up the item they have purchased from the event.

3) Demonstration – offer to demonstrate one of your techniques to a group of supporters from an organization.

a) Is there a policy regarding selling your work at the demonstration?

4) Speaking Engagement – offer to speak about a favorite art-related subject.

5) Myths

This is our content outline. For the full content, please request the PDF document (use the link on the right).