A charitable fund, foundation or institution.

Door Prize:
A prize awarded by a random selection to the holder of a ticket. Door prize tickets are not purchased but are given to event attendees.

In-Kind Donation:
A non-cash donation of “goods & services”. This could be your time and expertise or tangible items such as office supplies, equipment,  pet food, etc.

Live Auction:
An auctioneer or announcer describes the items that are up for bid. Highest bidder wins the item. In the case of art auctions, it’s good practice to use an auctioneer/announcer who is knowledgeable about art. Someone who is enthusiastic and can fully explain the nature of the item up for bid can really boost bids! Generally, the high-value or special collection types of art are put up for live auction.

An organization established for the purpose of engaging in activities that are not intended to make a profit. A non-profit operates with a charter and a board of directors. They are considered a legally recognized entity. You will commonly see non-profit organizations with a 501(c) designation. This is an IRS code given to organizations in the US that indicates they are legally registered and are tax-exempt.

An organization that is devoted to some sort of activity, such as an art guild. Typically, a not-for-profit group does not operate as a legal entity and does not have a charter or board of directors that officially represents the group. As with a non-profit, not-for-profit organizations are not established for the purpose of making a profit.

Prizes are awarded to randomly selected ticket holders who have purchased one or more tickets in order for a chance to win the prizes.

Silent Auction:
Bids on items are placed in writing. The items are arranged on tables with a “bid sheet” next to them. A starting bid is stated, as are bidding increments (i.e. each bid must be $10 higher than the previous bid).  Many events will have both live and silent auction items and generally, silent auction items are lower priced than those at live auction.

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