Guidelines for Charitable Organizations

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Working with Artists

1) Initial Contact

a) How do you customize your requests to artists? Are you requesting a donation for a raffle, live auction, or other event?

2) Interactions

a) Support the artists who support you.

b) Reply to artists’ questions in a timely manner.

c) Engage and motivate artists to help market the event.

d) Invite the artist to the event and encourage their participation.

e) Spell the artist’s name correctly on all materials.

f) Include the artist’s web site or other appropriate links in your on-line and printed event marketing.

g) Follow through on any commitments made to the artist.

3) At the Event

a) What are appropriate ways for displaying the artist’s work?

b) Provide a place for the artists to leave business cards or other promotional materials.

c) For live auctions, use an auctioneer/host experienced in art or an art expert to talk about the work.

d) For an on-air event, keep the viewers interested.

d) Ask artists for a brief bio and description of the donated work.

4) Understanding Artists

a) Artists do want to help, but remember that art is a business.

b) Realize that an artist is the sum of all experiences. A gift of our art is a gift of ourselves.

c) Artists want our work and efforts to be appreciated and displayed with respect.

d) Consider hiring an art consultant for your fund-raisers.

e) Relationships are critical, artists are more likely to donate if you have already established a connection.

f) Be ready to guide your artist’s donation choice(s) based on their range of  expertise/experience.

g) Recognize the value of an artist’s time.

5) Follow Up

a) Be sure to thank your artists.

b) If possible, provide buyer contact information to the artists.

c) Send a follow-up letter with a recap of the event, money raised, etc.

d) Make arrangements for unsold works.

e) Keep track of artists’ contributions to your organization.

f) Encourage your supporters to support the artists beyond the event.

g) Provide a receipt of donation to the artist.

6) Possible Perks You Can Offer the Artist

a) Memberships

b) Tickets to events

c) Vendor booth at a future event

d) Marketing opportunities

e) An “invitation only” section in your auction

f) Hang the artist’s work on your facility’s walls and offer it for sale.

This is our content outline. For the full content, please request the PDF document (use the link on the right).