It’s a New Year and the Donation Requests Have Begun

The requests for donations have begun for 2013 .  .  .
I just received a request via my Etsy shop to donate art to a silent auction in Chicago.

Below is my reply. Even though I can’t donate, I feel it’s important to reply and educate.

Hi _ _ _ _ _,

Thank you for your interest in my work and for all you do to help the wonderful greyhounds. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to donate to your auction. As you may have guessed, I receive many donation requests and I’ve had to make the decision to limit my donations to local animal rescue organizations. I DO support a local greyhound rescue group (Greyhound Friends for Life).

Regarding “tax purposes”, many people are not aware that tax law is such that artists are only able to deduct the value of the materials used to create an item, not the retail value. With this being the case, I often suggest that someone from an organization (staff, volunteer, supporter) purchase an item of art and then donate it. That way, the artist makes a sale, the donor is able to write off the donation and the charity benefits. I can’t speak for other artists, but I regularly donate a portion of my art sales to local animal rescues, so the more I sell, the more I can donate, and since it’s a cash donation, then I also benefit from the deduction.

If you’d like to learn more about creating beneficial connections with artists and donors, please visit

Best wishes for a successful event!

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I'm an artist and illustrator specializing in pet/animal and nature subjects. Master (MSA) Member of the International Society of Scratchboard Artists. Find out more at
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